Chronicler Report – November/December 2016


Having finally gotten the hang of Publisher, the Plume has been completed for several back months. I’m currently looking for submissions for the Plume, along the lines of:

  • Persona profiles
  • Photos
  • In My Time (stories, prose, ect written by persona)
  • Articles: What’s your historical passion, recipes, arts & sciences
  • Newcomer area: articles on persona creation, documentation, titles, address, etc,
  • SCA goals: how to be a laurel, pelican, receive awards, ect.
  • SCA hacks: how to make modern camping gear look period, food, garb, etc
  • Know your known world: Kingdom spotlight
  • local artisan reviews

Please send questions or submission to the chronicler at chronicler[AT]baronyofthreemountains[DOT]org.

I’m also looking to pull together a calendar for each issue. I’ll pull events I find on the barony website and facebook, but if you have any additional events for me to add, please let me know.

Yours in Service,

Kaisa Isaaksdotter
mka Shea Root