Chancellory of the Exchequer – July 2016 Report

To the Coronet, Officers, Council and Populace of Three Mountains,

Long Live King Kjartan!  Long Live Queen Sha’ya!  Another exchange of the Crowns and Thrones of An Tir has passed, and peace and tranquility lay gently upon the shoulders of our lands.  There are more local events occurring over the next month, and this Exchequer is looking forward to only one monthly report in the near future!

Nothing unusual has occurred within our Barony, and the coffers, while not as large as they once were, are still filled nicely.  Well, there is one unusual occurrence… I have submitted my Quarterly Kingdom report EARLY!!!

Our Baronial coffers are filled as follows:

Checking as of 5/31/16 $12,432.08
June Deposits $0.00
June Checks Cleared $1,109.17
Checking Balance 6/30/16: $11,322.91
— Deposits in Transit $0.00
— Checks in Transit $626.61
Balances per books 7/19/16  0
— Checking $10,696.30
— Savings $7,001.57
Total Three Mountain funds $17,697.87
— Culinary Guild Reserve $588.00

William Tarrell