Chancellery of the Exchequer – September 2017

Greetings and Salutations,

Hail and well met, this summer season has been filled with great times, deeds and many many friends. Many of which has spent time with those who are just a little out there (here).
We were blessed with the support we received from our friends far and wide. We had our yearly A&S weekend. Much fun and learning was had by all. The merrymaking and projects made for good times. The brick oven that Her Grace Hludwega showed us how to build, and the pizza it made were amazing. Many thanks from all of us.
To all the instructors who came out to impart their knowledge on the populous, a grand thank you.
To the students who took time to fit us into their plans… We thank you so much for making the trip. This event grows every year, with the help of those who attend. This year was grand for sure. Our coffers have risen. We now total $3682.93…… Though instructor fees and a few other payments need to be finalized.

We do look forward to another event on 16, Sept. 17. We will be in the Columbia City Celebration this year. There are plans for a show tournament, displays of our Arts and Sciences. A day in Garb and sharing our game with others….. Fun for all and fun for free!!! So please come share your talents and your love for our game.

Ora Baethen
Exchequer Canton of Kaldor Ness
Student to HL Murninn
Yeoman Three Mountains