Chancellery of the Exchequer – October 2017


To the Coronet, Fellow Officers, Council and Populace of Three Mountains,
This is my final report as Exchequer, having had the privilege of serving for the past four years in this capacity. As read into the minutes of the September Council Meeting, my Deputy Ansgar Kartenmaker has officially put in his bid to be my replacement. I strongly recommend that we approve him.

During my time as Exchequer, I have served with two sets of Coronets, three Seneschales, numerous other Officers, and more than a dozen Events Stewards, even being an Event Steward myself. I encourage people who have never held a Baronial level office to try. It really isn’t all that hard, and the friendships created and cemented, and the sense of satisfaction to help support this game we all love so much, and to help it grow and thrive is amazing.

I do need to re-open and close Sport of Kings, as we received a refund from our trash vendor for having less trash by weight than contracted for. The refund of $51.09 puts the official profit for SOK 2017 at $7,506.41.

I leave one event, Baronial Orders and Customary Review, open for my successor.

I will pass the checkbook over to Ansgar this evening, and will make arrangements to get the remaining documents to him at his earliest convenience.

Our Baronial coffers are filled as follows:

Checking as of 8/31/17 $17,613.03
August Deposits $1195.00
August Checks Cleared $4669.33
Checking Balance 9/30/17: $14038.70
— Checks in Transit $1,341.30
— Deposits in Transit $898.98
Balances per books 10/16/17
— Checking $14,121.21
— Savings $7004.19
Total Three Mountain funds $21,125.40
— Culinary Guild Reserve $666.85

William Tarrell