Chancellery of the Exchequer – May 2016 Report

To the Coronet, Officers, Council and Populace of Three Mountains,

Event Season is upon us, with many of our members venturing to the wide array of events in our local environs and beyond. We had a ‘visit’ to the Baronial Storage Unit, where an extensive culling and inventory update took place.

As far as I know, there is no other activity to report.

Our Baronial coffers are filled as follows:

Checking as of 3/31/16 $12,550.24
March Deposits $137.24
March Checks Cleared $210.00
Checking Balance 4/30/16: $12,477.48
— Deposits in Transit $0.00
— Checks in Transit $124.17
Balances per books 5/16/16
— Checking $12,432.08
— Savings $7,001.21
Total Three Mountain funds $19,433.29
— Culinary Guild Reserve $588.00

William Tarrell