Chancellery of the Exchequer – January 2017 Report

To the Coronet, Officers, Council and Populace of Three Mountains,

We have passed the holiday season and 12th Night, and now have a new King and Queen! Goodness knows when we will finally pass the wintery weather, however.

We have had two events sponsored by the Barony since our last meeting, and our coffers are looking better than they have in a while. Unfortunately, we are unable to close these events yet, so anticipate the closing reports in February.

Our Baronial coffers are filled as follows:

Checking as of 10/31/16 $8,081.97
November Deposits $4,460.00
November Checks Cleared $3,759.00
Checking Balance 11/30/16: $10,061.64
December Deposits $778.00
December Checks Cleared $268.00
Checking Balance 12/31/16 $10,571.64
— Checks In Transit $210.00
Balances Per Books 1/17/2017 0
— Checking $10,361.64
— Savings $7,002.62
Total Three Mountain Funds $17,364.26
— Culinary Guild Reserve $672.15

William Tarrell