Chancellery of the Exchequer – February 2017 Report

o_excheqTo the Coronet, Officers, Council and Populace of Three Mountains,

We have had two events sponsored by the Barony since our last meeting, and our coffers are looking better than they have in a while. We will have the closing report for Kingdom Seneschale and Exchequer Symposium later. We will have to postpone the Yule closing report until our next meeting. The Year-End Exchequer Report was filed on time, and we have received acknowledgement of timely receipt, even though they didn’t realize they had it until this past week.

Our Baronial coffers are filled as follows:


Checking as of 1/31/17 $10,571.64
January Deposits $0.00
January Checks Cleared $60.00
Checking Balance 12/31/16: $10,571.64
— Deposits in Transit $448.54
— Checks in Transit $100.00
Balances per books 2/21/17
— Checking $10,960.18
— Savings $7,002.80
Total Three Mountain funds $17,962.98
— Culinary Guild Reserve $672.15


William Tarrell

Attachment to Council Report:

2016 Kingdom Seneschale and Exchequer Symposium Closing Report

Item  Budget  Actual  Difference
Site Rental $2,400.00 $2,400.00
Food $1,300.00 $991.46 $308.54
Insurance $50.00 $50.00
Total $3,750.00 $3,441.46 $308.54

Event completed $308.54 under budget

Gate $4,420.00
Less NMR
Gross $4,420.00
Expenses ($3,441.46)
Net Profit $978.54