Chancellery of the Exchequer – August 2017


To the Coronet, Officers, Council and Populace of Three Mountains,

I am happy to report that the Three Mountains Second Quarter Kingdom report was filed in a timely fashion, after some considerable head-scratching and training of Ansgar in the process (trying) to balance the Baronial books.

After much (less) trouble this past month I am happy to announce that we have the new accounts set up properly, with Arontius established as our Kingdom representative as a sign on our Baronial accounts. Most of the checks that have  been outstanding have cleared, with very few exceptions. I propose that we reissue these checks from the new checking account so we can properly close the old accounts.

We continue to receive registrations for Sport of Kings, which has begun once again to swell our coffers to a more comfortable level. I look forward to the outcome that eclipses all others! (I know, pay a buck!)

Checking as of 6/30/17 $7984.73
July Deposits $1920.00
July Checks Cleared $3867.55
Checking Balance 7/31/17: $3867.55
— Checks in Transit $400.00
— Deposits in Transit $0.00
Balances per books 8/13/17
— Checking $7958.62
— Savings $7003.84
Total Three Mountain funds $14962.46
— Culinary Guild Reserve $418.15


William Tarrell