Canton of Kaldor Ness

The Canton of KaldorNess is the SCA branch located in Columbia County Oregon. We welcome all who are interested in history, community, and discovering the middle ages and Renaissance.  Please contact us, we love company!

Our name is taken  from the Scottish Borderlands and translates loosely as “the nose of land between the river and the woods”  We are a canton of the Society of Creative Anachronism, meaning that we are a smaller branch that works closely with a larger baronial branch.  For us that branch is the Barony of Three Mountains (Portland, OR  Metro Area).

We were made a full canton (small branch) of the SCA in Jan 2007 and will be celebrating a decade in the Society this January. Our device (our branch shield image) is a heraldic monster called a pantheon who is white with purple stars  and a red rope knot at the bottom on a golden point.    The blazon (heraldic writing) for this is:  Gules, a pantheon rampant to sinister argent mullety of six points purpure, maintaining between its forelegs a laurel wreath argent, on a point pointed Or a Heneage knot gules.