CardsPlayers | 3-12


  • 1 deck of cards

The Object

Win the pool more often than all the other players

Ante Up

Dealer puts an ante into the center of the table, then deal three cards to each player.


Rotating counter-clockwise, each player looks at their cards, and then chooses to ante up, raise the bet, or drop out. Players, who have already bet, must match the new ante or drop out.

Taking the pool

Betting is complete when all players (who haven‘t dropped out) have put in matching bets. The player with the best hand takes the pool. If two players have equal hands, the pool is split between them.

The Hands

  • Highest Value
    • Pair Royale | Three of a kind. If two players have a Pair Royale, the higher face value is the winner.
    • Pair | Two of a kind. If two players have the same pair, the face value of the third card determines the winner.
    • High Card | If no pairs are in play, the winner is determined by the card with the highest face value.
  • Lowest Value


Braggers are wild cards that can have any value chosen by the player. If two hands have equal value, the hand without the bragger has a higher value.

  • Ace of diamonds
  • Jack of clubs
  • 9 of diamonds
Icon of Brag Brag (124.7 KiB)