Baronial Customary Proposed Changes 2017

customary2017proposedUnto their Excellences, officers, and populace of Three Mountains I give greetings.

The Customary of Three Mountains is a guiding document for our branch of the Society for Creative Anachronism.  Some call it the “laws of our Barony” but in reality, it is just a supplementary publication that aids in the “smooth administration of the Barony of Three Mountains” (page 2, Section 1 – Scope).  Every two years, citizens willing to donate a few hours of their time sit in consultation with the Seneschal and update this document.

Icon of Three Mountains Customary 2017 Revision Three Mountains Customary 2017 Revision (1.0 MiB)

Here are the fruits of the Orders and Customary meeting for your review.  We will have the council vote on ratification at the Monthly Council Meeting January 16th, 2018.  We invite you to come and be a part of the vote.  I have listed a few key things to remember while you read the document.

  1. Commentary is limited to citizens of Three Mountains. I have added the section regarding citizenship from the previous ratified customary that will be used as our criteria.
  • “Citizens: A Baronial Citizen is a person who either lives within the Baronial boundaries designated by The Society or has been granted a Charter of Citizenship. Also, a Baronial Passport entitles the holder to limited Citizenship privileges. (q.v., IV and X.1.M & N)”
    • 1) Rights of Citizens include but are not necessarily limited to:
      • A) Applying to become, or being recommended to become, an Official, as appropriate to Officer or Coronet, so long as the Citizen lives within Baronial lands or holds a Charter of Citizenship. Holders of Passports are ineligible. (q.v., IX.1.W) B) Participating in decisions of the Baronial Council. C) Displaying the Baronial Badge(s).
      • 2) SUGGESTED responsibility guidelines for all Citizens include but are not limited to:
        • Being a paid member of The Society.
        • Actively participating in Baronial affairs.
        • Attending at least four Baronial events yearly.
        • Volunteering service-time at events.
        • Keeping up to date with Baronial activities and current events.
        • Recommending deserving persons for awards and recognitions, as appropriate.
        • Behaving courteously and chivalrically toward others. ←(This one is important.)
        • Attending Council occasionally
        • Respond to Kingdom sponsored pollings.”
  1. Those with comments or concerns should either contact me at the seneschal [at] or bring those concerns to council.
  2. If you have a suggestion please remember that people worked hard on this document, and that courtesy is among the premier virtues. Please keep insights helpful and respectful.

Thank you for time and consideration,

Lord Gerard de Bayonne
Barony of Three Mountains