Arts & Sciences

According to the SCA website, our “Arts & Sciences” are the crafts, skills, and technologies from the time period and cultures that the SCA covers. This covers pretty much anything that you can think that existed within the scope of our time periods.  From cooking, to pottery, clothing and textiles, blacksmithing and so much more.  The Barony of Three Mountains is blessed with many experienced people in a variety of skill sets.  Below is a list of Arts and Sciences categories that we currently have topics online for:

Food * Games

Do you have an interest in Arts & Sciences?  Do you want to learn a new craft

Contact our Minister of Arts and Sciences, Tullia Saturnina at

She can get you in touch with those that do and teach things like cooking, music, scribal work, metalwork, armor making, brewing, sewing, heraldry, games, etc.

A&S Directory

In an effort to increase baronial A&S participation, and inter-baronial cooperation, we now have a directory that spans the entire local area. It is brand new – please participate!

The Directory:

The form to participate:

Reference Inventory

Barony of Three Mountains Library of Books

Barony of Three Mountains Library of SCA Publications

Three Mountains Sewing Nights (unofficial)

2nd and 4th Tuesdays, 6-9pm, Milwaukie (Johnson Creek area), hosted by Ciarnat ingen Rúadháin ( Please request to join the 3M Sewing Nights Facebook group.

Three Mountains/Dragon’s Mist Arts & Sciences Night

Every 2nd Tuesday, 7-9pm, at Tullia’s house in Beaverton. Email me for the address. Two friendly Maine Coon cats in residence. All crafts welcome (there’s even an outside space). There is a large craft room upstairs and a comfortable living room downstairs for those less mobile. Two steps to get into the house. Feel free to bring food for yourself or to share., (503) 964-3422.


Open armoring workshop

3M armoring: Held every Sunday from 3pm-7pm

7607 NE 156th Ave, Vancouver WA 98682

Open armoring workshop: instruction on the basic care, repair, design, and crafting of medieval styled armor. Those who are interested in learning basic smithing techniques or just need some shop space to work on their own projects are welcome. Attendees should wear appropriate clothing, thick leather work gloves, eye and ear protection. Tools provided, materials available for purchase on site.

If you are on Facebook, search for a group called, “Fighter Sundays” and speak with Chingis about coming out.  Or you can email to get more information.