Arts & Science Minister Report – 4th Quarter/January 2017


Idonia (Miriam Pike) and I co-sponsored a Repair Display for clothing at Dragon’s Mist Yule. People showed off remade, resewn, and/or patched clothing. There was also a chance to get advice on how to fix a favorite garment.

Congrats to the winners of the 3rd Annual Champions’ Choice A&S competition at 3M’s Yule! William Tarrell (Deane Stitt) won the beginner’s category with his first pewter casting. Drusa’s tablet weaving took the intermediate class. Helvi av Gotland took both the advanced category and the populace vote with her thorough examination of danse macabre paintings. Sitty entered an adorable pennanular brooch, as well. All entrants received a pearl dangly made by me. The three winners were given glass or pottery prizes donated by Mistress Leah bat Yehiel. The populace vote prize was a yard of screen-printed fabric from Jessica Smith-Carlock (Marya Kargashina).

The social night classes for Oct and Nov were parts 1 & 2 of Vivian NicUldoon’s Viking wire weaving. December was supposed to be Carith de Cuevas teaching children’s tunics, but we lost our meeting space. January’s social night resumed with Katie Henshaw (Ragna of Sundragon) teaching nalbinding.

3M / DM Craft night continues at my residence every 2nd Tuesday, and sewing nights every 2nd and 4th Tuesday in Milwaukie (Johnson Creek area), hosted by Ciarnat ingen Rúadháin. We have suffered decreased attendance due to poor weather.

The tri-baronial artisan directory ( currently has 52 members. Full details on events, craft / sewing nights, and Social Night classes can be found at

My term of office is over. It’s been a glorious three years promoting and supporting Arts and Sciences in the barony, and I appreciate all you’ve taught me. I am surrendering the banner to Marya, who I’m sure will do a terrific job. I intend to maintain the artisan directory and my events blog page indefinitely.

Yours in service,

Domina Tullia Saturnina, JdL