Archery Marshal Report – September 2017

Unto the Seneschal, Baron & Baroness, Officers of the Baronial Council and populace of Three Mountains,

Last month, as I was returning from out of state, I attempted to send in a report, but I failed. Sorry about that.

Congratulations to Refskegg of House Bread for becoming our newest Archery Champion and many thanks for being the MIC of StormGods, including all the Championships adopted from Tri-BAT!

Many thanks to Master Robert, who once again filled in for me at Archery Practice! And Ulaan took charge of the loaner gear and such. She is a certified archery instructor (mundanely) and now has a Jr. T.A.M. card, so she helped with running practices too. She even made some repairs to our pathetic loaner gear! I have been turning to her a LOT for help, advice and teaching the proper techniques. Being clever, I have asked her if she would be interested in being my Deputy and she has accepted!

INDOOR ARCHERY; will probably be at Trackers Earth in Milwaukie, but I will contact them to be certain. The weather will be our guide as to when, if that is a go. Please Note: I will elect to suspend practices on the nights when they are having Open House activities, to ease our relationship with them.

ARCHERY ACADEBY or Tri-BAT NEXT SUMMER?: I was asked to Steward Tri-BAT next year and I declined. Also, I am told that the actual Archers (those whom I serve in this Office) are disinterested in giving up Archery Academy or combining it with Champions/Tri-BAT. The Academy is for the teaching of classes and that is how they would like to keep it. I cannot say with certainty that this is the will of most of the archers; I can however, suggest that they be consulted.

SANDERS MATS: are just about toast and the company has gone out of business. Thoughts and ideas can be shared on the various archery lists.

Yours in Service,

Dana Chathair Saibhin,

Baronial Archer, Barony of Three Mountains