Archery Marshal Report – November/December 2016

Unto my Undoubted Baron & Baroness, Companion Selene and all the Officers and Populace of the Great Barony of Three Mountains,

We have had anywhere from 3 to 14 people attend archery practice (Hannah’s birthday bumped up attendance, what with cake, etc.!)  We have not been turning in a lot of scores, because we have a tendency to mostly practice at the 20, especially when we have new archers!  The Guild held a meetng on the 12th @ Andrew & Aibinn’s.  I am grateful to Master Robert of Wolf Ford, who continues to fill in whenever I ask him to, but refuses to be classified as my Deputy.  (So I feel that makes him my slealth deputy, but don’t tell him I said that!

Due to Trackers Earth putting a Christmas tree in front of our 30 yard range and not wanting to shoot around it or move it, we have pretty much continued to mainly practice at the 20 yard range; that is on the days when practice was not cancelled due to Snow/ICEmageddon!  The Archery Guild held another meeting.  This one was a Pot Luck New Year’s Eve Party and Workshop.  I missed it because I got married that day!

TOP 10:
Congratulations to the following archers from 3Mts who made the Top Ten in 2016 in the following categories:

Category:  OPEN

Rank #     SCA Name                      Branch            Average

2nd           Eobhan Dunbar                DM ?            105                I call B.S.  He was OURS in 2016!  He has tried 3 times to fix it.

7th            Dohmnall of 3Mts            3Mts             96

Category:  LONG BOW

Rank #        SCA Name                   Branch           Average

4th             Eobhan Dunbar            DM?                85.7            (see above remarks)


Rank #         SCA Name                 Branch            Average

4th                Robert of Wolf Ford  3Mts                74.7


Rank #        SCA Name                  Branch            Average

5th                Henri Fleche’              3Mts                64.7

6th                Eobhan Dunbar         DM ?                64            (   ”         ”          ”     )

10th             Robert of Wolf Ford    3Mts                58


Rank #        SCA Name                    Branch        Average

2nd               Dohmnall of 3Mts      3Mts            269


May we have three cheers for the fine archers of Three Mountains?


Yours In Service,

Dana Chathair Saibhin,

Baronial Archer of Three Mountains