Archery Marshal Report – November 2017


Greetings unto the Seneschal, Their Excellencies, the Officers’ Council and Populace of Three Mountains,


My Deputy, Ulaan, and I tried to establish a new location for indoor archery for the winter by trying out two different venues. However, but for our new Exchequer and his Lady-Wife, who took pity on us and came out to Archers Afield last week and Henri, who came out to Broken Arrow, no-one else seems willing to pay $6 or $7 a week; or perhaps the locations are inconvenient, or both. We have decided that it would be wise to simply suspend our indoor season. Should there be any developments, we will let you know.

Archery Academy:

My sense of it is that it is not going to happen. It was intended as an event to draw in awesome archers and thrown weapons enthusiasts from far and wide for a weekend filled with classes and teaching and learning, but has morphed into something which impedes the original idea and has become ungainly. Therefore, the archers have decided to take their “show on the road” and try to teach classes at various Arts & Sciences events, to keep the teaching and the learning alive; until such time that the mysterious “powers that be” allow them to return their event to its roots.


Dana Chathair Saibhin,

Baronial Archer of Three Mountains