Archery Marshal Report – August 2017


I tried several times to send out a brief report via my cell phone from various airports yesterday and failed, so it is late. Sorry about that and missing the Council meeting.

StormGods happened (or so I am told). Congrats to Refskegg of House Bread for becoming our newest Archery Champion and many thanks to him for being the MIC of an already large event that adopted the orphaned archery and thrown weapons championships from Tri-BAT!

Thank you hardly seems adequate for my SCA brother, Master Robert of Wolf Ford, who held down the proverbial fort for me AGAIN! He was wise to cancel some practices due to extreme heat.

I have news; a very skilled, mundanely certified archery instructor with a brand new Jr. TAM card has consented to become my Official Deputy!

I will be at Archery Practice at Chinook Landing tonight.

Yours Out of Service,
Dana Chathair Saibhin (Spritzie)