2017 Tri-Baronial Archery Championship Tournament – Progress Report

Unto the Coronets, the Seneschal, the Scribe and the Populace of Three Mountains,

Progress since the last meeting with regard to the upcoming Rivers Region Archery & Thrown Weapons Championships (or as I fondly call it “RRAT” for short) includes:

The contract is signed. The Insurance Certificate with Additional Insured has been applied for (huge thanks to Deane and Selene for their help getting the check for that). Once I have approval of the copy for it, I will post the Event Info Page on the Kingdom Calendar, but I would like to run the Event Fees past this Council (briefly) first, because once we publish that, we are bound to it. Since this event is paying for all six of the Baronial Champions wooden chests for prizes (even though we just need 2 for this event) I was thinking: Adults $20 ($5 discount/membs), Day Trip $10 ($5 discount/membs), Youth 17 & under Free?

We have a volunteer from DM who has offered to be in charge of Gate. He needs a little training & we have plans for that. Stay tuned. We have an MIC, but in truth I would dearly love to be able to make a substitution there; not that Master Andrew isn’t wonderful; but that it would be so great for him to mentor one of the younger marshals in the role. Is there someone from Stromgard perhaps (since DM has offered a volunteer to run Gate) who either is a Senior Marshal or could upgrade and become one by late June who would like to take on this vital job. Andrew will do it if we need him to, but I hate to see the same usual suspects getting burned out. Also, I feel like if we can get the other two Baronies to “pony up” somebody to take charge of an important job it helps with getting the other two branches involved in running it.

The core group of the planning committee for this event is attempting to meet on Thurs, March 30th. It is hoped that the current Champions can meet with the MIC & myself and come up with what contests we are going to have to decide these Championships. I will have 15 days from then to submit Crier copy if we are to have any in the June Crier. The ship has sailed for the May Crier. I have yet to hear a response from T.E.s Finn or Hlutwige about whether they can attend this important meeting or not. Wish me Luck!

And finally; I have an idea about decorating the boxes (once they are made); I wondered how it would be if we got six different artists to decorate them? Maybe it could even be part of the prize that the receipient’s Device/Arms could be painted on the lid after they win it! This would be in keeping with TRM’s theme of candidates wishing to vie for Crown needing to have their Heraldry (at least in submission). Just a thought . . .

Yours in Service,

Dana Chathair Saibhin (“Spritzie”)