Archery Marshal Report – March 2017


Top o’ the Evenin’ to ye,

The Archery Guild just had their March gathering at Jared & Cassie’s place (many thanks). Next month it will be held at “House Bread” (?) on the 15th, from 10 to 4.

We have had two Open Houses at Trackers Earth this month. There is only one of those coming up in April on 12th. Once again, that night we are still welcome, but they have the range until 7:15. Last week Ulaan brought a target for a Seasonal Society Archery Contest called “Golf” (because the low score wins) which looked like fun and she and Henri shot it for scores. We also had a gal named Alanna Goodheart who had not shot any archery in over a decade come and shoot with us; many thanks to Archos Duncan for looking her gear over for her.

I am feeling very grateful for the indoor range at Trackers Earth; especially after Eldgrimr sent me a picture of what the Chinook Landing Marine Park outdoor archery range looks like! Only the tops of the targets were showing and there were ducks floating around! Speaking of being grateful to Trackers; Otis tells me that there is a group planning to go out to the property out in Sandy (where we held Archery Academy). Selene will talk more about that (or you can see details on the Baronial Facebook page and Tri-Baronial Archery & TW Facebook Page.

Dana (“Spritzie”)